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Molecular Gastronomy

If you would have come up to me a year ago and said, “One day you will be fascinated by science,” I would have laughed out loud. But here I am, looking as science websites, and thinking I might even guy a science kit. Except, this isn’t just science; its food science! (Make more sense now?)

Molecular gastronomy is the study of food and how it reacts to different elements. For example, you can cook eggs at different temperatures with different techniques to get an altogether different end product.

Wierd right? Here are more edible-looking pictures of this fatastic thing:

What I want to try -so badly!- is spherification. You can take any liquid and make it into juice-filled spheres. A lot like caviar. I have a feeling you could do a lot more with these things than you could with the caviar we are all familiar with.

Here are some grapefruit noodles: (Noodles! imagine the possibilities of a fruit salad!)

Here is a website I found with a fantastic video tutorial for spherification.

I’m going to try it, I promise you!


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