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Bartering with Bread- who knew?

When its slow at work, I like to give myself some “Me” time. Today was fun because I got two new food magazines, so I was able to browse (and drool) for the majority of the morning. I started with Food and Wine, one of my favorite sources for good recipes. I came across this article that probably made my day.

There is this woman who lives in Sweden. She actually barters with bread she bakes herself. From Sour dough to charcoal infused bread, she makes each loaf with the intent to make it better than the last. What started as a convenient trade-of between friends became a type of home business. She has a Facebook page with over 1000 friends, all who will offer trades for her loaves of bread.


In the article, she admits she mostly gets jam, but she has also gotten a lot of cool things. She has gotten good tickets from a local play, a potted goji-berry tree, herbs, sea salt.. the list goes on even more than I can comprehend, I am sure.

The crazy thing about this woman, is this isn’t her profession. She works in a manager for three different Levi stores. She bakes as a stress relief.

I just love this idea! Over the years, she has even created her own “mother,” or starter. It’s basically growing your own yeast culture that you use for sourdough bread that lives in a flour and water mixture. (I have plans to start growing my own, by the way. As of right now.)

Here is the article, if you’d like to read it.. I suggest  you do.


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