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Fraiser- DB July Challenge

Fraiser (Noun):

1. My best friend’s dog.

2. Name of a  TV series, of which said dog was named after.

3. A free-standing (fresh) strawberry cake.

.. Wait, what?

I have been making jokes about this one all month. “I’m making my friends dog into a cake! HAHA!” .. Its gotten past the point of polite smiles from my family by now. I still think its funny!

I’ve got to say though, this is probably my most successful challenge yet. I didn’t have any weird hic-ups with this one. (Thank goodness, I’m still trying to live down the whole watermellon rolling thing.)

I made it for my house warming party, and served it for my family. According to my sister, it was “Exeptional.” If I do say so myself, it was really good. I even got my fiance to say it was really good, and he doesn’t even like cake! That’s how I know it worked- he doesn’t lie about my food to make me feel better. Gotta love him for that!

Plus, I got to use my new platter!

Here is the official recipe:

I followed it pretty closely. The only thing changes I made was lime zest instead of  lemon in the cake, lemon extract in the syrup and chocolate gnash on top instead of almond paste. (Although I would have loved to work with that!)

The cream filling was quite a process; a lot of heating up, chilling, heating up again, whisking, adding cream. Whew! That being said, one of my favorite things to do is fold whipped things into a batter. It looks cool while you are doing it, and the end result is so satisfyingly creamy! Love it.

Just talking about it is getting me craving.. After work, I plan on going home and eating that last piece. Yum!


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