First Daring Bakers Challenge!!

The Daring Bakers. I love it so much!! It is actually a part of the Daring Kitchen. Every month a couple of lady’s send out a challenge that everyone will make. Everyone puts their own little twists on it, and then tells their own little story about it. It is pretty much the best thing in the world for people who love food like I do.

This month’s challenge: Marquise on Meringue. Marquise is an egg yolk based dessert.. You mix it with rich creamy chocolate gnache and smooth airy whipped cream.. Fantastically dreamy and fluffy! Meringue should be more familiarto some of you.. It’s a marshmallow base. This Meringue, however is a lot softer, gooier than your average marshmallow.

The recipe that was posted on daring bakers was dark chocolate marquise. It called for black and cayenne pepper.. that was a little intimidating to me. And yet, I wanted to try it. So I reached my own compromise with myself. I made three different kinds of Marquise, with three different kinds of meringue to match. I must be crazy.

First (and definitely most popular) White Chocolate Raspberry with a splash of rum flavoring, all rolled in powdered sugar. I made a little mistake with this; it wasn’t as fluffy as it should have been, and the raspberry chunks left a crystalized texture. But it was the favorite for most family and friends.

Second was the dark chocolate with spice rolled in cocoa powder.. I messed up on this one too. Just being an air head this time. I was thinking I was working with the milk chocolate, so I ended up flavoring it with a little butterscotch on the side. Still good though.

Third (best in my opinion) was the milk chocolate flavored with butterscotch and almond with Orange flavored meringue. This time it was rolled in hot chocolate powder. Very fluffy, and melt-in-yout-mouth sweetness. It was very good!

 I definitely will be making this again. Oh, and the meringue was torched!!!

PS- the yellow stuff is the white chocolate gnache.. It looked like stringy egg whites so I wanted to die it red.. but I didn’t have any red food coloring.. so being the genious that I am, I used yellow intsead.

So much fun!


3 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    wow! three?! that’s crazy! great job on the challenge!

  2. 2

    ericasedibles said,

    Welcome to Daring Bakers! Your Marquise looks beautiful!!

  3. 3

    Crumbs of Love said,

    Three different marquises?!? Now that is a challenge. Sounds like you had a lot of fun with this challenge. They look great. Best, sandie

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