Fish- The First Try

I have been wanting to try cooking fish for a while. More specifically, I’d love to learn to fillet a fish, and cook it so it falls apart with the touch of a fork. There is nothing like it, and to be frank, fish that isn’t cooked right just doesn’t taste good. So last week my fiance, Matt,  and I decided we were going to try our hand at cooking this perfect fish. Unfortunately, we couldn’t afford the whole fish, but in the near future, even if it is just a cheap two dollar fish, I will learn how to chop it up!

 Of course, we had to have a well-balanced meal (haha,) so we added some side dishes.If it were just me, I would have had some asparagus and a thin, crisp slice of bread. Rosemary bread. But Matt is also a foodie, but in a different way; he loves comfort foods. So we ended up with homemade potato chips and scallops wrapped in bacon. I have to give  him some credit, he knows I’m a sucker for scallops.. Probably from all the embarrassing moments at dinner when I order scallops and become oblivious to the rest of the world around me while trying to keep my noises of delight down to a minimum. Ahem.

Moving on.. we used a smoking wood board.. I really need to learn what that is called.. to cook the salmon on. we soaked it in lemon water for a couple of hours. Next time we plan on using raspberry lemonade. Yum!

Then we got going on slicing and broiling the potato chips. We couldn’t decide whether we should deep fry them or bake them, so we combined the two. Then we sprinkled them with chili powder and salt. There were pretty greasy, but delicious!

Next came the scallops.. unfortunately, we didn’t cook them all the way, we were so close! and the bacon didn’t feel like staying on the scallop. It’s definately something I want to try again so I can get it right.

And now the salmon.. I feel I must give credit where credit is due.  Matt was in charge of the salmon. He rubbed it with lemon pepper and salt..

 And spread some olive oil on the wood plank and stuck it in the oven. Yum!


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    That looks delicious! Maybe I will come visit you guys so you can make me some… 🙂

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