Wabi Sabi

   I honestly cannot get enough of this restaurant! I can’t stop thinking about it, craving it, and if I had the money, I would eat there every day. Wabi Sabi, as you may have guessed, is an awesome Japanese place with amazing sushi.  Let me say it again: AMAZING sushi. My all time favorite would definitely have to be the Shreeking Eel.


 Hands down, the best sushi roll I have ever eaten. I don’t have the self-control to order anything else besides the Shreeking Eel. It’s a fried sushi roll, crispy on the outside with the  main ingredients of rice and eel, and this fantastic spicy sauce drizzled over the top. The roll slices are huge, and it takes some work to fit it all in your mouth at once, making any kind of conversation difficult. Its well worth it! The best part about it, is you can gorge yourself all you want, but while your walking away from the restaurant, you feel so clean and healthy. I’m not exaggerating, you can eat all you want and not feel guilty cause your stomach is very obviously grateful to you for all the fantastic, healthy food! You’ve got to try it.


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